Shidda n mattorikā

Prepare the environment for meditation

The five methods are to control eating and drinking in one. Two to adjust the sleep. In three

Set up. Set your mood for four. It is about adjusting your mind to five.

First of all, to prepare food is as follows.

Meals are for the purpose of helping people get along in the right path.

However, if you are eating too much, it feels good and only

It is difficult to feel calm, even if you take a seat.

However, if you eat too little and not enough, you will only get tired, your mind will grow,

I do not think well about what I think. Both of these two get the setting

It is not a way to

In addition, when you eat something that’s been broken or dirty, you realize your heart

Make it easy to get lost. If you are eating a stimulant that is not good for your body,

These diseases move (to have a chronic illness) and the condition of the body gets worse. So

If you’re going to learn to set up, by the way

It must be.

Second, to set up sleep because sleeplessness makes you feel overshadowed

Because there is, it means that this should not be left as it is.

If you need to sleep more often, you have more time to study Buddhist law

As well as being abolished, there is also a tendency to lose the spirit of effort, and also to make your heart clearer and good heart

Sink the sun. Just to understand that life is impermanent, sleep well,

Make your mood clear and brighten your mind.

The third is to adjust the body, the fourth to adjust the breath, and the fifth to adjust the mind,

These three conditions should be described together, as they should be used together.

You can’t. Let’s talk about this below.

First of all, in order for us to meditate correctly, we need to

It means that you have to adjust it.

Before starting meditation, when walking or stopping, even when moving

Even when you are doing something or something, every one is careful

It must be.

虚空蔵菩薩  梵名アーカーシャガルバ[Ākāśagarbha]  Kokuzo Bosatsu [Ākāśagarbha]









タラーハ・trah ・ 慣用音 たらあく





Kokuzo Bosatsu

Kokuzo Bosatsu
Kokuzo Bosatsu
The name is Akasha Galva)

Akasiya means “empty” and Galva means “womb”.

The name comes from the fact that the bodhisattva’s fortune and Buddhist wisdom are vast and open like the sky.

It is said that the endless virtues of good fortune and wisdom are given to those who need them as much as necessary. It is believed to be a Buddha of “wisdom” against the Jizo Bodhisattva of “mercy”.

The “Kokuzo Bosatsu Gumonji Method”, which rehearses this Kokuzo Bosatsu as the principal image, is well known as a method of clarifying the brain and enhancing memory.

Similarly, the “Kokuzo Bosatsu Memorial Law” is said to be able to obtain treasures both physically and mentally, with the exception of business obstacles.

It is considered to be the guardian deity of people born in the year of Ox and the year of the Tiger.

Taraha, trah, idiomatic sound, taraku

What is Kokuzo Bosatsu?

Kokuzo means a warehouse (storage) that contains infinite wisdom and mercy like the universe, and is said to give wisdom, memory, and knowledge by taking it out of the warehouse to fulfill people’s wishes. I will.


It is said that Kobo Daishi, the founder of the Shingon sect, practiced the Kokuzo Gumonji method of chanting the true words of the Kokuzo Bosatsu one million times. It is said that you can acquire the wisdom of Buddha with infinite memory. In addition to the principal image of the Gumonji method, there are the Five Great Kokuzo Bosatsu, the principal image of the practice of praying for increased profits and disaster relief. This is a modified form of the Five Buddhas of the Kongokai, with the wisdom of the Kokuzo Bosatsu arranged in five directions.

Buddha    愛染明王  Rāga-rāja

愛染明王  Rāga-rāja








  1. 智慧の弓と方便の矢を以って、衆生に愛と尊敬の心を与えて、幸運を授ける。
  2. 悪しき心を加持して善因へと転換し、衆生に善果を得せしめる。
  3. 貪り・怒り・愚かさの三毒の煩悩を打ち砕いて、心を浄化し、浄信(菩提心)を起こさしめる。
  4. 衆生の諸々の邪まな心や、驕慢の心を離れさせて、「正見」へと向かわせる。
  5. 他人との争いごとの悪縁を断じて、安穏に暮らせるようにする。
  6. 諸々の病苦や、天災の苦難を取り除いて、信心する人の天寿を全うさせる。
  7. 貧困や飢餓の苦悩を取り除いて、無量の福徳を与える。
  8. 悪魔や鬼神・邪神による苦しみや、厄(やく)を払って、安楽に暮らせるようにする。
  9. 子孫の繁栄と、家運の上昇、信心する人の一家を守って、幸福の縁をもたらす。
  10. 前世の悪業(カルマ)の報いを浄化するだけでなく、信心する人を死後に極楽へ往生させる。
  11. 女性に善き愛を与えて良い縁を結び、結婚後は善根となる子供を授ける。
  12. 女性の出産の苦しみを和らげ、その子のために信心すれば、子供には福徳と愛嬌を授ける。

光明真言 こうみょうしんごん  Mantra of Light Koumyo Shingon



It is a esoteric Buddhist mantra called Amoghavajra Abhisheka Shingon.



Mantra of Light-Siddham(CBETA font).png

oṃ amogha vairocana
オーン 不空なる御方よ 毘盧遮那仏(大日如来)よ
オン アボキャ ベイロシャノウ
唵 阿謨伽 尾盧左曩

mahāmudrā maṇi padma
偉大なる印を有する御方よ 宝珠よ 蓮華よ
マカボダラ マニ ハンドマ
摩訶母捺囉 麼抳 鉢納麼

jvāla pravarttaya hūṃ
光明を 放ち給え フーン (聖音)
ジンバラ ハラバリタヤ ウン
入嚩攞 鉢囉韈哆野 吽

Pronunciation and meaning

oṃ amogha vairocana
Orn, Amoghavajra, Vairocana Buddha (Vairocana)
On Avoca Beiro Shannow
Harabaritaya  Om Roza

mahāmudrā maṇi padma
Those who have great marks, jewels, lotus flowers
Makabodara Mani Handma
Mother Mother

jvāla pravarttaya hūṃ
Give off the light Hoon (sacred sound)
Zimbara Harabaritaya Eun




おん あぼきゃ べいろしゃのう まかぼだら まに はんどま じんばら はらはりたや うん(真言宗智山派の場合)


In addition, amagha is Amoghasiddhi, vairocana is Dainichi Nyorai, mahā-mudra is Aksho Nyorai, maṇi is Hosho Nyorai, and padma is Amida. It is interpreted as referring to Nyorai, and is a true word that prays for the five Buddhas of the Kongokai (Gochi Nyorai) to shine light.

In esoteric Buddhism, in order to maintain its mystery, it is customary to read the Sanskrit as it is without translating the Sanskrit or Dharani. In Japan, since the Heian period, adhi by the Mantra of Light has been practiced.

The above is how to sing the Shingon sect (other than the Chiyama sect), and it differs between the Shingon sect Chiyama sect and the Tendai sect.

On Abokya Beirosha no Umakabodara Mani Handoma Jinbara Hararitaya Yeah (in the case of the Shingon Buddhist Chiyama school)

不動明王 acalanātha Fudo Myoo a calanātha






The name of the sword is “Aruya Acharanata Vijaya Rajibuya”, and it is officially called the Holy Fudo Majesty King.

The Buddhas always try to take us sentient beings on the path of Satori by taking various means. However, some sentient beings are kind and stubborn.

Dainichi Nyorai teaches and guides the hard-working sentient beings who cannot be rescued by such ordinary methods in the form of mercy to scold them. ’”, Dainichi Nyorai changes to Fudo Myoo and appears with a phase of anger. Anger is actually a mercy.

It is said to be the guardian deity born in the year of the rooster.


不動明王の真言には以下のようなものがある。 一般には、不動真言の名で知られる、小咒(しょうしゅ)、一字咒(いちじしゅ)とも呼ばれる真言が用いられる。

「ノウマク サンマンダ バザラダン カン」
namaḥ samantavajrānāṃ hāṃ


「ノウマク サラバタタギャテイビャク サラバボッケイビャク サラバタタラタ センダマカロシャダ ケンギャキギャキ サラバビギナン ウンタラタ カンマン」
namaḥ sarvatathāgatebhyaḥ sarvamukhebhyaḥ sarvathā traṭ caṇḍamahāroṣaṇa khaṃ khāhi khāhi sarvavighanaṃ hūṃ traṭ hāṃ māṃ

その中間に位置する、慈救咒 (じくじゅ)と呼ばれる真言も知られる。

「ノウマク サンマンダ バサラダン センダンマカロシャダ ソハタヤ ウンタラタ カンマン」[3]
namaḥ samantavajrānāṃ caṇḍa-mahāroṣaṇa sphoṭaya hūṃ traṭ hāṃ māṃ. [4]




  • 不動根本印
  • 不動剣印




The mantras of Fudo Myoo are as follows. In general, the mantras known as Fudo Shingon, also known as Shoshu and Ichijishu, are used.

“Noumak Sanmanda Bazaradunkan”
(Namaḥ samantava jrānāṃ hāṃ)
(Worship all Kongo. Hahn.)

In addition, there is a long mantra called Kakaishu.

“Noumak Sarabatata Gateibaku Sarabata Bokkeibyaku Sarabata Tarata Sendama Karoshada Kengaki Gaki Saraba Biginan Untarata Kanman”
(Namaḥ sarvata thāgate bhyaḥ sarvamu khebhyaḥ sarvathā traṭ caṇḍamahā roṣaṇ a khaṃ khāhi khāhi sarvavig hanaṃ hūṃ traṭ hāṃ māṃ

The mantra called Jikuju, which is located in the middle, is also known.

“Noumak Sanmanda Basaradan Sendan Makaroshada Sohataya Untarata Kanman” [3]
(Namaḥ samantava jrānāṃ caṇḍa-mahāroṣaṇa sphoṭaya hūṃ traṭ hāṃ māṃ. [4])
(Worship all the Kongo. Angry wrath, crush. Hoon, Trat, Khan, Man.)
(Seed character) is Kang (हां, hāṃ) or Kangman (ह्म्मां, hmmāṃ).
Immovable root mark
Immovable sword mark
Zanmai Yagata

Sanmai Yagata is a sword (Kurikara sword) or a search.

 准肌観音  Sanskrit character quasi-skin Kannon



真言は短呪の「オン・シャレイ・シュレイ・ジュンテイ・ソワカ」(Oṃ cale cule cunde svāhなどがよく知られている。長咒は「ナモサッタナン・サンミャクサンモダクチナン・タニヤタ・オン・シャレイ・シュレイ・ジュンテイ・ソワカ」。

なう まく さ た なん さん みゃく さん ぼ だ く ち なんた にや た おん しゃ れい しゅ れい じゅん でい そわ か

准服とは、梵名チユンデイ上のの音写 「清浄無垢」という意味があり、さとりの道を歩ませる観音です。


Associate skin Kannon

The mantra is well known as the short curse “On Sharay Shrey Juntei Sowaka” (Oṃ cale cule cunde svāh, etc. Juntei Sowaka “.


Associate Bladder Kannon Mantra
Nau Makusata Nansan Myakusan Bodakuchi Nan
Taniya Onsha Rei Shu Rei Jun Dei SowakaAssociate clothing is a Kannon that walks the path of Satori, meaning “clean and innocent”, which is a copy of the Rogo on the Sanskrit.
Also known as Associate Clothes Buddha, Seven Clothes Buddha Mother. Since seven clothes mean “infinite”, they are the mothers of many Buddhas. Therefore, it is not a Kannon Bodhisattva
There is also the theory of. In Inudai Esoteric Buddhism, it is regarded as a Buddhist priest as a Buddhist priest, but in Shingon Esoteric Buddhism, it is added to Rokukannon as one of the Kannon.It is also enshrined as the principal image of childbirth and childbirth. Originally a god of water, its appearance is said to be a woman.
In addition, the Kannon seeds of the Fetal Mandala Nakadai Hachiyoin are marked with the B (times) character of this quasi-clothing Kannon.

ア字  真言密教の瞑想法  A character: Mantra esoteric meditation method




























「オン サラバ タタギャタ ハンナマンナ ノウ キャロ ミ」をとなえる。






 しゆじようむへんせいがんど  ふくちむへんせいがんしゆうほうもんむへんせいがんがく によらいむへんせいがんじ  ぼだいむ


じようせいがんしよう じたほつかいどうりやく




















































 それはあたかも、人間の小さな計らいを捨てて、仏陀の無分別智に身をゆだねようとする行為に似ている。―‐-対象を虚空大にひろげてしまったら、その対象は無的になる。無的になった対象を観ずるということは、無念無想、すなわち何も思わぬ状態になることと等しい。観想中に何も思わぬ状態になったとき、人間に体感可能な(体で感じられるのは)自己の心の働きそのものである。                        (大野峻覧『阿字観の手びき』)




















 とある。                  ”











Mantra Esoteric Meditation

It is also said to be “Esoteric Buddhism Ichiu Zen” that is integrated with the great life of the universe.

You can think of it as having given the goal. (That’s why you should do this Ajikan following the above-mentioned Kotokan’s method.)

In Kigon Esoteric Buddhism, the letter A has a mysterious power. There are various debates about why, but I will omit them here.

Kobo Daishi Kukai’s master, Megumi Ajari, does not see the moon ring in my heart, does not forehead the A character on the moon ring, changes the A character to become a cintamani, and recites the A character in a scream.

It has said.

In short, this is a meditation.

The full moon ring is clear and clear, giving us a feeling of coolness and tranquility.

This full moon ring of coolness and tranquility is combined with Hiu, who has a mysterious and mysterious power, and Yinzo, which represents the satori of Buddhism, and this and my heart are united to make my heart cool and quiet, and Hiu. It is trying to become the I body with the mysterious power of Buddhism.

Therefore, as the goal of meditation (honzon), we use a drawing with a full moon ring with Hiu and lotus flowers.

Let’s try it based on the method book.
Mandala-based Ajikan practice

The phase of the moon ring is one shaku, one inch and two minutes (about 36,9 cm), and the lotus flower is written in the moon ring, and the idol is written on it to make it the principal image.

From the seat where you sat down to the middle of the character, put the principal image on a shaku 6 inch (about 52.8 cm). The distance between the principal image and the performer may be freely set between 8 inches (about 26,4 cm) and 4 shaku (about 1 word and 1 cm).

A futon is laid on the seat, and a half-iron seat is placed on it. The legal seal is attached to Yu.

When you sit down, loosen your body back and forth, left and right a couple of times, and keep your ears and shoulders, your nose and navel, and protect your nose with both eyes. To do so.

To protect the nasal column is to direct the line of sight through the upper part of the tip of the nose to the center of the principal image (the center of the moon ring). If you put your tongue on your upper chin, your breath will naturally be quiet. Do not bend, do not lie down, sit straight and try to improve your pulse (blood circulation).

Next, while rubbing beads a few times, the words of worship,

It can be called “On Saraba Tatagata Hannah Manna Know Caromi”.

Next, the self-protection method (just put your hands together).

Next, we will join hands and make five major wishes.

Shiyuji Yomu Hensei Gandou Fukuchimu Hensei Ganshi Yuhomon Mu Hensei Gan Gaku Yoraimu Hensei Ganji Bodaimu

The degree of sentient beings’ vows, Fukuchi’s vows, Homon’s vows, Nyorai’s vows, bodhi

Let’s get rid of cancer

Certificate of vow, same interest in self and others

Next, the five-character mantra of the fetal world, Irby Launken, can be said to be universal.

Next, put the legal seal in front of the navel and think about it.

First of all, there is a white circular moon ring in my heart. There is a lotus flower in the moon ring. There is a flight on the lotus flower, the flight of the principal image, the lotus flower, the moon ring and the flight of my heart, the lotus flower, the moon ring, and the flight of sentient beings.

You should open your eyes to see the principal image, then close your eyes and look at it again in your heart.

In this way, open your eyes and close your eyes to watch.

Watch next. After seeing that this flight, lotus flower, and moon ring gradually widen and gradually increase to the 3,000-thousand-thousand world or the legal world, suddenly forget the principal image and the heart, and it is ill-advised.


You should live in remorse.

It’s been a while, see you again.

Gradually squeeze the flying u, lotus flower, and moon ring that are all over the universe to the size of the original one elbow, two shaku, one inch, and two minutes), and place it in your chest. To.

At this time, that is, forgetting the body and mind, just living indiscriminately (remorseless). After that, when I get tired, I stop the regular meditation, rub the beads, and pray.

Next is the self-protection method (gassho is fine).

Next, put your hands together and pray.

Believing that the returned Buddha will be sent to the Pure Land of the main shrine and the Buddha of one’s heart will be sent to the main shrine of one’s heart, then live in great sadness (heart of mercy) and leave the dojo. that’s all.


When the idea meditation is over and you try to stand up, from your head to your feet while sitting in the seat

Gradually stroke yourself from above, break the veins, and then stand up. Otherwise, you may get sick.

Anyone can do Ajikan meditation

<Breathing method>

It is said that there are three ways of breathing during the Ajikan training.

-How to feel the sickness every time you breathe in and out

2. How to make a sword for each breath

3. It is a method of Aun-kaikan, in which the breath that comes out is a and the breath that is in is un.

Either method is fine, but I think method 2 is better. However, even if you say “A”, it does not mean that you can say “A” aloud. You can quietly hear the sound of A in your heart.


Wide view and view

The most important point (key point) of this meditation is this. It is “wide view” and “view view”.

The idea of ​​expanding the elbows, lotus flowers, and moon rings that are united with the idols by observing the principal image, and finally expanding to the 3,000-thousand-thousand world, this cosmos is called a broad view, and it spreads to the cosmos. The idea of ​​reducing the principal image to the size of the original elbow is called the universe. .. “斂” means to make it smaller.

Ajari of Shingon Esoteric Buddhism is explained as if only the principal image spreads to the universe and the practitioner sees it. For example, the principal image of Ajikan in front of the eyes of the performer can be clearly seen in the back of the eyelids or in the chest even if the eyes are closed.

It is the way of the law, but this time, if the principal image that became a Fuji I body with the performer is gradually expanded and expanded to the full emptiness, what will happen to the limit?

Is it? In the end, it becomes infinite, and it ends up without the conditions for objects such as insight and consciousness.

While you can see the shape of A as a character and the moon ring as a circle, it is not yet infinite. In order to be infinite, above and below the performer

The principal image must be spread in all directions, including the front, the back, the left and right sides, the front and the back, the top and the bottom, and human beings have the consciousness. Things with consciousness

In order to recognize a thing, in the midst of such an expansion into the ten-sided world, it can never be received as a certain form.

Humans cannot read the letters behind them, and cannot see the shape above them unless they look at them, much less it is impossible to recognize objects at once up, down, front, back, left and right. Therefore, the principal image of Ajikan

To expand to infinity is to enter the state of spiritual unification that transcends the shapes of a, lotus, and moon, while the principal image of Ajikan and the performer remain Fuji I. And

I think

It is like the act of abandoning a small human measure and leaving yourself to the Buddha’s indiscriminate wisdom. — If you expand the object to the size of the void, the object becomes ineffective. Seeing a nullified object is equivalent to remorse, that is, to be in an unexpected state. When something unexpected happens during contemplation, it is the work of one’s mind that can be experienced by humans (what is felt by the body).

To (Ohno Shunkan “Ajikan no Tebiki”)

I see, I think so. However, I have another view.

It was great because the practitioners themselves were spreading along with Hiu, Lotus Flower, and Tsukiwa.

It is a way of thinking that it will fill the universe.

The performer and the principal image are Fuji I bodies, so if the principal image expands, the performer

I have to expand with myself. If only the performer is left behind

The Fuji I experience is broken, and the contemplation after that becomes a bit of a hug.

It seems that it is better for the performers themselves to expand steadily without breaking the Fuji I body and to go around the entire universe.

What is Aji? “Ajimoto Fusei” means “the great life of the universe” and “the great life of eternity” in a nutshell. The principal image of the character, lotus flower, and moon ring, which are the symbols of the great life of the universe, was brought to life by the contemplation of the pilgrims, and became omnipresent in the universe.

It would be a lively meditation to think that the practitioner became one with the great life and now it has become a great life that is omnipresent in the universe.

Of course, the traditional interpretation of Master Ohno is also wonderful, and I hope that readers can freely indulge in meditation based on any of them. No, I don’t think about the difficult theory here, and the reader is free to play freely and become one with the great life of the universe.

You can feel the ecstasy of becoming. In addition to the two interpretations given here, readers should enjoy free-spirited, bohemian meditation.

I’ve spread all over the universe — Oya, something like a mosquito flies around my toes, what a jumbo jet, oh my god, my president is on board, hey, It’s like a poppy grain, wow haha, and both neurose and hysteria are blown away. It may come up with great projects and ideas.

<Indiscriminate view>

Therefore, what is important is the indiscriminate view that appears here.

“… Suddenly forget the principal image and heart and live indiscriminately”

a. ‥ ‥ ‥ ‥ ‥ ‥ ‥ ‥

Here, we enter a state of regret that resembles ecstasy. It is a state of selflessness.

At this point, I get separated from my body and mind and enter into an indiscriminate view for a while.

He is always one with the heart, the power of the great life of Ajimoto, and the Satori of Buddhism. But, well, the difficult theory is good, so sit down and do it without reason. The moyamoya is wiped off somewhere. With this, there are countless people who have recovered from stomach upset and high blood pressure. in addition,

It should feel good just to get rid of it.

The full moon ring is refreshing and pure

As a result, even after getting away from the meditation of Ajikan and returning to daily life, one point

The full moon ring is so refreshing.

梵字 阿字  he A-ji  Sanskrit character   siddhamātṛkā, シッダマートリカー

すべての尊をあらわす(通種子)阿字を、実際に書いてみましょう いままで練


Let’s actually write the A-ji that represents all the honors (seeds).
We will combine and compose the basic dotted line art that we have learned. First, write a point (⑥ in the shape of a horizontal diagonal line f) by striking the point in a square.
Next, write ⑧ Bay line art P.



Then, ③ draw both vertical lines and continue to draw the warbler without pulling out the brush.

梵字  8  Sanskrit character   siddhamātṛkā, シッダマートリカー


⑨ Snake curve drawing (applied form of ① ~ ⑧)
It is an application of the basic strokes that we have practiced so far. There are seven shapes from ゜ ㈲ to ㈹, but ヽ ① to 78
If the practice up to ⑧ is sufficient, it will not be difficult.





If it doesn’t look right, pledge and practice again.
If you have learned so far, you will understand that the characteristics and aptitude of Park brushes can be fully demonstrated. Even if the typeface is difficult to write with a round brush, you can write it beautifully with a simple brush.

This is because Park brush is a product that has been studied for a long time in order to express the Sanskrit characters more beautifully.

At first, there is no need to stick to the shape of the immediate future. It is important to move your arm and stroke with a laid back feeling based on the contour line.

梵字 7  Sanskrit character  siddhamātṛkā, シッダマートリカー



⑧ Curved line art
This line art looks like a circle. Pretend to grow
Please be careful not to get angry. Please try to keep it.



⑦ Arch line drawing
A relatively small line art of curves.
When expressing the thin part of the lone line using the thickness of the Pak brush, the axis of the Pak brush is in your hand.
I have to give it, give it, and change the writing pressure. It is important to keep a constant angle and pressure until the end. In addition, the big head of A point, the buried head
Let’s pay attention to the features.