Yoga as an origin of meditation

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It is not good to just solve the suffering and suffering. At the same time as solving

We must improve people. In addition, we solve by improving

It may be said. This is the correct meditation.

So my meditation starts with “solving the problem I’m suffering now”

is there.

The meditation transcends from all beings, as Gothamah Buddha has arrived at the end of the day

I’m going to get rid of it, but before transgression and getting rid of it, I just handle and solve reality freely

Must have the power of Without having that power, it was said that transcendence or cancellation

It’s just a kind of escape. The meditation method with that power is “Greed world determination” and “the second stage”

It is a meditation on the floor.

However, it should not be wrong here that having this power is just your own

It does not mean that you want to get rid of your desires. y have this power

Depending on what you want to be realized may be true

Suddenly I realize that I am suffering from mischief, and I dream from my dream

Sometimes it looks like someone else.

Either way, isn’t it wonderful?


As the origin of meditation

Meditation has been practiced for a very long time in India. It’s Indian ethnic

It can be said that it was with the history of

The literature on meditation is in the era of Vedic, Upanishad (c.

You can see it up to the year 〇). Since that time, already

Thought was considered to be a religious practice as a unique way of practice in India.


It was called a yoga or a samurai or a wolf.

In Japan, speaking of yoga generally seems to be a kind of gymnastics

Although it is primarily meditation, gymnastics is a physical adjustment that helps meditation.

It was

As I mentioned earlier, Buddha is also a yoga according to the rule of the religious at that time

Of meditation, but I am not satisfied with it, and I am further encouraged by Buddha’s unique

I completed the meditation. Here, about traditional yoga meditation,

Let’s just say.

Mental restraint in yoga

In the meditation according to the beggar called Yogar Sutra, also known as the scripture of yoga practitioners

It divides the psychological process to mental concentration into four stages.

Perception, concentration, calmness, and misery.

Among these, the three stages of enthusiasm, quietness, and enthusiasm are collectively referred to as “restraint”

But, of course, in practice, one of the above three stages is independent

It does not go on, but it goes on continuously.

By the way, what does yoga mean? “Yogasutra” is next

・ It is defined as follows. “Yoga is about suppressing the work of the mind.”

Also, in the document “Gataupanishad”, which is older than “Yogasutra”,

“Yoga is to immobilize the five sensory organs,” he said.

In other words, with some mental concentration law, the movement that is the body of the mind

It is a yoga to hold back firmly. And train it

The way to go is yoga law.

Expressing this in a modern, easy-to-understand manner, the movement of consciousness in our daily life

It is possible to try to find out the self original figure by suppressing

It is a yoga, and there is a way of practicing to seek for it.

In Yogar Sutra, the psychological process of controlling the work of the mind by the mental concentration method of meditation is described in detail analytically. And this

Psychological yoga centered on meditation is what is called large ayoga

It is And the psychological process which deepens to this mental concentration is a sense of

It is divided into concentration, quietness, and enthusiasm

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