求聞持聡明法  Gyomonji Somyoh method  行文字法







私はこの法を実践し、偉大なる聖者と称される力を手に入れて。しかし、その価値は一体何だろうか? 私が賢明になろうとも、どこかの愚か者が核ボタンを押せば、全てが終わる。世界は砕け散り、偉大なる聖者もまたその中に含まれる。もちろん、聖者であれば事前に察知し、安全な場所に避難するだろう。しかし、世界が壊滅し、生き残った者たちが核の灰に覆われる未来に希望はない。





The root of all the world’s ills is one thing – stupidity due to ignorance.

The Gyumonji Soumyoho claims to triple the intelligence of humanity, but even half of that would be enough. If people’s intelligence were 1.5 times higher than the current level, crime and war would be wiped out from the earth. The reason is that humanity is stupid. If the intelligence quotient doubles, adults will be able to understand how useless foolish actions are, just as adults do when children fight.

I practice this law and gain the power to be called a great saint. But what is its value? No matter how wise I become, if some fool presses the nuclear button, everything will be over. The world will shatter, including the great saints. Of course, a saint would know this in advance and evacuate to a safe place. But there is no hope for a future where the world is destroyed and the survivors are covered in nuclear ash.

If things continue like this, the world will surely collapse. To prevent the great folly of mankind, we must spread the Gyumonji Somyoh method throughout the world. The improvement of intelligence is the only way to prevent the tragedies caused by stupidity. I resolved that no matter what difficulties await me, I will do my utmost to spread this method.



Gyumonji Soumyoho声称可以将人类的智力提高三倍,但如果人类的智力比现在高1.5倍,犯罪和战争就会从地球上消失,因为人类是愚蠢的。如果智商翻倍,成年人就会明白愚蠢的行为是多么无用,就像孩子打架时成年人会明白的那样。