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The very same acid in the form of iron, potassium, sodium, or calcium oxalates, as found in rhubarb, sorrel leaves, etc. is quite harmless and these herbs are consumed in great quantities by both man and animals.

They are grown and freely distributed to all parts of the civilized world and no one claims they are injurious; in fact, rhubarb is one of our best laxative and blood purifying herbs, while sorrel leaves in the fresh state are extensively used in salads and highly recommended by both ancient and moderne herbalists for scurvy or scrofula. Sheep sorrel, as it is commonly called, has also been used for reducing adipose tissue, in treatment of foul and sloughing ulcers and for cancer. It belongs to the family known as Polygonaceae or the Buckwheat family.

Another remarkable instance of the opposite effect produced by the use of inorganic as opposed to organic matter is seen in sulfur.

Several of our very best therapeutic agents are members of this family, such as yellow dock (Rumex crispus) and several others. All of them are iron containing, and each and every one of them contains oxalates from 2 to 40 percent. They will be dealt with fully later in this course of study.

Inorganic sulfur is usually administered in the form of powder called flowers of sulfur. In this form, it will circulate through the system and the greater part of it will be thrown out through the pores of the skin unchanged, showing that it has not been assimilated by the cells, but rejected. The injurious effects of mineral sulfur, however, are caused by its affinity for iron and also its destruction of ferments and enzymes and too, by its generation of sulfurous and sulfuric acids within the organism.

It steals the iron from food and blood, forming iron sulfide, which constipates and

Taken internally, this form of iodine

dries up the several secretions of the digestive tract. It steals nascent hydrogen from the fluids and tissues forming sulfur trioxide or hydrogen sulfide. This is the foul smelling gas we have all been revolted at, which is given off by decaying organic matter, animal and vegetable. It is the smel of rotten eggs, putrid sores, fecal matter, decaying flesh, etc.

Now on the other hand, the organic sulfur in onions, watercress, marigold flowers, garlic, and asafetida are all used as flavoring agents for food and healthful condiments. And, although certain people have individual antipathies to any or all of them, they are nevertheless very virtuous, nonpoisonous forms of organic sulfur which have, and still do restore the organic sulfur which has been lost in purulent disease and decay of tissues to the cells and organs. These also will be fully dealt with in the course of these lessons.

We will take a cursory glance at one more important item of evidence showing the incalculable injury that can be done to the human organism by the administration of inorganic substances, more especially those elements which have been artificially made or separated from organic matter by the action of violent acids, alkalies, or reduction to ashes by burning.

This universally-used and insidious poison is commonly called iodine. This element is found naturally combined with sodium, potassium, calcium, and manganese in seawater, mineral springs, and marine plants and animals, but in exceedingly minute quantities. There are only 37 parts of iodine in 100,000 parts of cod liver oil.

The commonly used iodine is obtained from the ashes of burnt kelp, dissolved in water; the solution is then evaporated. The iodine is liberated by the action of chlorine aided by heat, and then condensed. acts both as a local irritant and as a true

poison. It slowly decomposes water-stealing hydrogen to form hydrogen iodide. This in ham gives off white fumes on contact with air and has a powerful acid reaction. Mixed with oxygen, it decomposes in the dark, forming water and liberating iodine, which again carries on its devastating effects upon the gastric organs and fluids producing a long chain of disasters.

The gas previously mentioned under sulfur; namely sulfur anhydride, is decomposed by iodine, once more forming hydrogen iodide and freeing sulfur; and we mave seen what sulfur does.

This inorganic iodine is a most insidious and injurious substance that upsets and disorganizes all the digestive fluids producing various forms of dyspepsia, severe gastric pain, indigestion, foul gaseous eructations, and inability to assimilate food. This so-called specific disease is named modism. It by no means confines its disruptive action to the gastric organs, nor does it have to be taken internally to poison the body; for if it be painted on the throat or any other part of the body, it can be traced in the urine in from 30 to 40 minutes.

The test and proof is very simple. Paint iodine on the throat. Forty minutes Later urinate into a receptacle containing starch. If iodine is present there will be a Wiolet color.

Now to the difference manifested in the action of organic iodine; and what a vast difference there is. Every saline aquatic plant contains iodine in combination with

sodium, potassium, calcium, and manganese; also phosphates, sulfates, chlorides, bromides, etc. They are all nonpoisonous, nutrient foods, antiscorbutics and vulnerary plants of the highest order. Here are two in particular that for thousands of years have been used successfully in the treatment and cure of chronic disease.

Bladderwrack (Fucus vesiculosus). It is an alterative of great virtue, especially in obesity, reducing fatty acids and tending to rid the system of useless waste matter.

Irish Moss (Chondrus crispus), a remarkable demulcent, nutrient, and dietetic providing the organism with what are loosely called vitamins, in the form of chlorides, iodides, bromides, phosphates and sulfates of sodium, potassium, calcium, and magnesium. All of them are positive organic salts, absolutely necessary to the healthy metabolism of the human body. This whole family of herbs is fully described, together with their therapeutic application.

Positively hundreds of instances could be cited to prove the deleterious effect of the application of inorganic matter and the positive curative effect of the intelligent application of nature’s great store of organic remedies — herbs — in the treatment of pathological conditions of the human organism. But surely these three examples are sufficient to convince the most skeptical. I sincerely hope I have made that clear without trying your patience.


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イエロードック(Rumex crispus)など、当社の最高の治療薬のいくつかはこのファミリーのメンバーです。それらはすべて鉄を含んでおり、それらのそれぞれが2から40パーセントのシュウ酸塩を含んでいます。これらは、この学習コースの後半で完全に扱われます。












テストと証明は非常に簡単です。のどにヨウ素を塗ります。 40分後に澱粉を入れた容器に排尿します。ヨウ素が存在する場合、Wiolet色があります。

で明らかになった違いにルバーブ、すいばのはににみれる、てつ、かりゅうむ、なとりゅむ、またわかるしゅうしゅのしゅうさん、しおのかたちのまたくオナジさんはまったくむいであり、コレラのはぶはにんげんとどうぶつようにょしょそれは青少年、文明世界のすててのぶんににゅうににんぱいされ、かれらがゆいがいだるとしゅうしゅるするひとはいません。じさい、るばぶは、わたしのさいこうのかんげざいおおきびけつえいじょうかははぶのつであり今ます。羊のスイバは、一杯に食べてみるよに、しぼうしきしんのげんしょう、かいようやだらくせいせいかいようのちょうりょ、よびがにもしょれます。それはただかそばかかとしてしらしていているかに似てます。ゆきぶってでわぬくむきぶつをしょるすることによってしょうじるぎゃくのこうかのべつのけんちょんれいは、いおにまれます。イエロドック(Rumex crispus)など、東社の彩色の知名度の約束ははこの家族のメンバデスです。それなら、それは鉄をふくんで織、それはそれのそれが2から40ぱんせんのしゅうさんしゅうをふくんでいます。コレラは、この学修コースの公演で完全に熱くなっています。むきいおはつじょう、いおの花とよばれるふるまつのかたちでとようさます。この片方は、それはシステムをじゅんかんし、その大分文は変かせずにひふのけないからはいしゅつされ、さいぼうにゅうしゅうしゅうしゅうにきょうしょをします。しかし、みねるいのゆいがなえいぎょはは、てえへのしんわせい、はっこうものようびこうそうのはかい、さらにはゆきてきたいないでのりゅうさんのりょうりゅうさんのせいせいにきこえますます。しょくもつけつえきからてをおぬすみ、りゅうかてつをけいせいします。ナイーブでサツエイサーレタ、このケータイのようもと本翔館館の生活かいのぶんぶんぶつをおかんそうさます。えきたいやしきからからせっせいのすいそおをぬすみ、さんさんかいおうまつわりゅうかすいぞうをけいせいします。これは私たちの前にがらんをおおきした悪臭ガスデアリ、ゆきぶつ、どぶつ、やさいのふうににいてほしゅうします。それは草だったたまごのにい、草だっただれ、ふんべん、風下したになです。一ポー、玉ねぎ、クレソン、マールゴルドの華、ニンニク、アサフェティダにふくめるるゆきいおは、すべて食屋や研tekのちょうみりょうのこうりょうとしてしょしています。また、特別な人はそれのいずらかぞうきへ。コレラはまた、コレラの休息の家庭で完全に大正されます。私たち、ムキ物資、トクニ人手にゆき物物からつられたぶんぶりされたしげんげんのようににようて人体にもたれれれはかりしれないしょしょうおしめしょしょのもーしょんこうもーみょくもーくはげしīさん、あるかり、また年中に夜はえへの環元。この風に乗ってしょんさるるせんこうせいのドクは、いっぺんにようもととよばれます。河原幻想は、海水、甲仙、海洋道化に二福るるナトリウム、カリュウム、カルシウム、マンガと自然に結集して八剣さままが、極美です。たらかんゆ100、000ぶにふくめるようはは37ぶのみです。一杯でしょいるさよる本は、やけたケルプのはからへまれ、水にとけてます。そごう、よきえをじょはつます。ようもとは、寝にたすまれた円enのさようによりゆりし、行宿します。極少しぶしししてして、しんのどく。それはみずをぬすむすいそをゆっくりぶんかいしょようかすいそをけいします。ハムのこれは、空と殺すスルトしろいけむりをして、きょうりょくなさんはんのがあります。山荘とこんごうする、くらやみのなかで文海市、水を清し市、ようもとをほしつします。これは、いかんかんとたいていにけいめいてきてえいきょうをおおぼしし、ながいさいがいをもらします。硫黄の下で全術したガス。スナワチ、無衣はは本にようになって会いました、二人旅はかすいそうをけいしていてをおゆりします。抱いて硫黄がなをするのを見ました。このむきよう本は、すべてのしょうかえをこんらんさせてこんらんさてるもったもゆんしゅつしゅうしゅつあつし、さまざまなけいなのしょうかふりょう、はげしゅうしょ、しょうかふりょう、おしょこせいせいかんこのいわゆる特撮の同盟は、モディズムとよばれます。破られてさようさいをきかんにせいげるすることも、からだをつくるためにたいせんせいせいするひつようもありません。のどやからのたのぶぶんにぬれているイルばい、30〜40ぶでにょにゅうにつきせきます。てすととしょうははひじょうにかんたんです。のどにようもとをぬります。 40ぶごにでんぷんをいれたようににいようします。羊がいるざんざいするばぁい、Wiolet色があります。で輝くになったちがいに


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