Prepare the environment for meditation

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The five methods are to control eating and drinking in one. Two to adjust the sleep. In three

Set up. Set your mood for four. It is about adjusting your mind to five.

First of all, to prepare food is as follows.

Meals are for the purpose of helping people get along in the right path.

However, if you are eating too much, it feels good and only

It is difficult to feel calm, even if you take a seat.

However, if you eat too little and not enough, you will only get tired, your mind will grow,

I do not think well about what I think. Both of these two get the setting

It is not a way to

In addition, when you eat something that’s been broken or dirty, you realize your heart

Make it easy to get lost. If you are eating a stimulant that is not good for your body,

These diseases move (to have a chronic illness) and the condition of the body gets worse. So

If you’re going to learn to set up, by the way

It must be.

Second, to set up sleep because sleeplessness makes you feel overshadowed

Because there is, it means that this should not be left as it is.

If you need to sleep more often, you have more time to study Buddhist law

As well as being abolished, there is also a tendency to lose the spirit of effort, and also to make your heart clearer and good heart

Sink the sun. Just to understand that life is impermanent, sleep well,

Make your mood clear and brighten your mind.

The third is to adjust the body, the fourth to adjust the breath, and the fifth to adjust the mind,

These three conditions should be described together, as they should be used together.

You can’t. Let’s talk about this below.

First of all, in order for us to meditate correctly, we need to

It means that you have to adjust it.

Before starting meditation, when walking or stopping, even when moving

Even when you are doing something or something, every one is careful

It must be.

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