梵字  准肌観音  Sanskrit character: Associate skin Kannon

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なう まく さ た なん さん みゃく さん ぼ だ く ち なん
た にや た おん しゃ れい しゅ れい じゅん でい そわ か





Associate skin Kannon

Associate Bladder Kannon Mantra
Nau Makusata Nansan Myakusan Bodakuchi Nan
Taniya Onsha Rei Shu Rei Jun Dei Sowaka

Associate clothing means “clean and innocent” in the transcription of the Ro-go on Sanskrit, and walks the path of Satori.
This is Kannon.
Also known as Associate Clothes Buddha and Shichiku Clothes Buddha. Since seven clothes mean “infinite amount”, many things
Become the mother of the Buddha. Therefore, there is a theory that it is not a Kannon Bodhisattva. It is also explained as Kannon in the history
In Inudai Esoteric Buddhism, it is regarded as a Buddhist priest as a quasi-Ana Nyorai, but in Shingon Esoteric Buddhism, it is added to Rokukannon as one of the Kannon.
It is also enshrined as the principal image of childbirth and childbirth. Originally a god of water, its appearance is said to be a woman.
In addition, the seeds of Kannon of the Fetal Mandala Nakadai Hachiyoin are marked with the B (times) character of this quasi-clothing Kannon.


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