シッダールタ時代 Siddhartha era

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Siddhartha era

Shaka was able to gather the love of his parents and live a family life without any inconvenience.
He studied all kinds of academic martial arts at the time by his father, who dreamed of being the king of the future in Siddhartha, but he is said to have been outstanding.
However, by nature, he is a meditative character, often indulging in daily thoughts and deep thoughts.
In order to excite his heart, his father built palaces according to the three seasons of cold, heat and rain,
He tried to enjoy the singing music and greeted the beautiful Princess Yashodalar as the princess.
He was comforted somewhat, and his heart was broken, but he still felt deeply in the imperfection of the world. During happiness, she often remembered her mother’s death. In addition, during the grand agricultural festival, which is an annual event, insects and birds in the fields have witnessed the battle for weak meat and gluttony. On top of that, as time went on, the fears of international relations at that time and the fate of Shaka began to come up.
The Shakas are rich in heroism and Yuishi. It was a true old lineage, but at that time it was only a semi-independent state subordinated to Kosala, India’s largest powerhouse on the southwest. (Same situation as Judea of ​​Jesus)
The right to life and killing was confined to Kosala and was destined to be forgotten. In fact, Shaka was easily captured in the late years of Shaka for Kosala.
He who is wise cannot be as easy as his father. For many of these reasons, his sensible mind could not afford the pleasures of the world without any means. Naturally, he began to consider the future of himself and his own country, as well as the sad destiny of mankind in general.

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