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Buddhism (ぶ, 字: 字, Sanskrit: 、, English: Buddhism) is a religion based on the founding of Indian Buddha (Gotama Siddatta, or Goutama Siddarta, Gotama Siddarta). Along with Christianity and Islam, in Japan it is one of the many religions with a large number of published points.

The doctrine seeks to break away from the suffering circle. Based on an understanding of cause and effect, various phenomena are considered to be prosperous.

Buddhism is organized around the three treasures of Buddha, the law that is its teaching, and the monk who is its practitioner. The three disciplines of disciplinary law in practice are the discipline, the concentration of mind, wisdom to observe the auspiciousness of things, and the latter two are Buddhist meditation methods, also collectively referred to as sedans. The important skills in practice are summarized in several ways, such as Rokuharamitsu and Hachisho.

Buddhism, which began in India around 450 BC, is now studied as early Buddhism. Sakaki was unwilling to deny the existence of Atman (Shingo), which is the practitioner’s claim of other hardships. Several hundred years after the death of the Buddha, part-time Buddhism was born, and it was further divided into the popular part and the upper part, but it is the southern part of the upper part Buddhism that continues as a large power, and the early teaching Is an example. At the end of the BC, the Mahayana Buddhism, which is expected to be transmitted to the north, began in Japan, and the doctrines and groups are developing in various ways. It is diverse, such as a form of secular religion, and changes in the form of faith, such as the Pure Land faith. According to “Nippon Shoki” Buddhism was introduced in the Asuka period 552 (Senmei Emperor 13 years)

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